Sphinx Brown
"International Spy and Assassin"

Mad crazy!
Super sexy!
Way too cool!
Hire them at your own risk!

HTML Site (version 3)

Dirk Diamond
"Private Dick"

Welcome to www.diamondandsphinx.com - the web home for Diamond and Sphinx.

HTML Site (version 1)

HTML Site (version 2)

Those with DSL, Cable, or T1 connections won't have much of a wait. IF you locate any bugs please send an e-mail to webmaster@diamondandsphinx.com Lastly, if you use AOL for checking the site we have discovered AOL doesn't update the page often, even when you click refresh/reload. If you can, please use Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.

Come on in and check us out. Dirk Diamond wants to meet you. Wink wink.

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